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Thanks for stopping by! We are a licensed residential and commercial HVAC contractor in Spokane, Washington. We pride ourselves on reliability, accurate diagnosis and quoted repairs of your HVAC equipment, and superior customer service. We're looking forward to helping you maintain your heating and cooling equipment so you can stay comfortable year-round.




Regularly servicing your existing HVAC equipment is key to keeping it running for many years. Consider it a small investment over time that will save you big bucks in the long run. Our regular maintenance plans will help keep your equipment in working order. Contact us to schedule a service inspection of your equipment before it breaks down.

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Unfortunately, at times your HVAC equipment will break down. We'll do what we can to schedule a service technician to come as soon as possible to diagnose and repair the issue. We'll tell you what costs to expect for us to diagnose it as well as an estimate before we make any repairs. We pride ourselves on reliable service.

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Furnace or Air Conditioner aren't running properly, or at all? Sometimes there's nothing that can be done to revive equipment. We'll inspect your home and make recommendations on appropriate equipment for your specific home and work hard to keep you comfortable. Call us for a free estimate to replace your equipment.

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